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Jobs Network Engineer
Number of recruits 5
Release time 2013/10/15
As of time 2014/12/15
Requirements 1. A college education ,23-30-year-old; 
2. English for more than four, marketing or related professional work experience are especially more than 2 years; 
3. Language communication ability, mastery of the client state of mind, how high-end customer base of consumer psychology; 
4. Do things carefully, and a strong sense of responsibility, the atmosphere less about their personal gains and losses, have a good sense of teamwork;
Jobs Sales Manager
Number of recruits 10
Release time 2013/10/27
As of time 2015/1/30
Requirements 1. A college education ,23-30-year-old; 
2. Marketing-related jobs, or more than 2 years experience especially; 
3. Language communication ability, mastery of the client state of mind; 
4. Do things carefully, and a strong sense of responsibility, have a good sense of teamwork; treatment negotiable

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